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Spring – Summer themed silk kaftans

I’m getting ready for this spring and summer with luscious silk kaftans. The fabric is just fantastic and the patterns and motifs suits the environment (flowers, flowers, flowers). Here are some silk kaftans:

silk kaftans at sale price

silk kaftans at sale price

silk kaftans at sale price

silk kaftans dress

silk kaftans at sale price

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Beach tunics video on youtube

Here’s a promotional video by kaftansale.com with the title:

Beach tunics – Kaftansale

Oh by the way the beach tunics are available on kaftansale.com, free shipping worldwide.




Top 10 Spring Fashion Tips

Come spring to summer, here’s top 10 tips for spring time frolicking:

1.  Light material

– Rayon or light polyester is the choice.

2. Colorful prints

– Even the least body-confident woman can still embrace this spring’s vibrant print trend. Cool spring kaftans by this time:

3. Alternate darks and lights

– Generally, the bigger you are, the bolder the print you wear. Smaller prints can make you look bigger

4.  Cultivate movement

– Fitted pieces can look smart, but fluid pieces are more comfortable on windy days

5. Simple tailoring

– Make sit easy to put on and off, and by the way, less maintenance needed

6. Leggings or Skirt

– Matching color or shades with bright hues are recommended

7. Monochrome marvel

– If in doubt, turn to blue and green for effortless Chanel-inspired spring chic.

8. Clothing detox

– Time to get yourself a new wardrobe for spring and summer hols

9. Body shape

– Pick  a versatile clothing collection for your body shape

10.  Designer designs and patterns

– Turn heads as you stroll and frolick

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I know it’s summer in the Southern Hemisphere (Australia and New Zealand and South Africa) and it’s winter in Europe and Northern Americas, but what the heck!

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Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse had a holiday at St. Lucia.

And the experiences of the crew suggest that the foundations of the very public rescue mission are far from secure.

There are signs that the troubled singer is still struggling with anorexia, drink and her relationship with her parents.

Filming began in late November with Amy’s father Mitch and mother Janis while Amy stayed in a hospital in Harley Street officially for a ‘foot problem’.

But according to Grazia magazine, Mitch felt Amy was better protected from her drugs problem in the hospital, although he admits the ‘dealers have been throwing drugs at her over the wall’.

At one point, Mitch had to diffuse a problem with Amy’s husband Blake Fielder-Civil over the phone all the way from the Caribbean island.

He convinced Blake to hand himself over to the authorities, after he had failed a drugs test and turned up at Amy’s hospital apparently still high.

He said: ‘We will take care of you. You cannot stay with Amy right now. It is not good for Amy; it is not good for you.’

Me – I hope she clears everything out from her head.



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