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One girl wanted me to set up Facebook for her.

“I only want my friends to see me on Facebook,” she said.

“Okay, that’s kind of the point,” I said.

“But I want people to see what I write about Twilight.”

I shivered in the wind like the last leaf on a dying tree (go see the movie by the way).

“That’s… a bit…err… unwise… but hey, it’s your account. Do whatever. Go crazy.”

“But I only want Twilight fans to be able to see my discussion about the books and the movies.”

“Ah,” I said. “That’s one thing even Facebook can’t do – read your mind.”

End of story? The girl DID NOT set up a Facebook account, and I didn’t get a thang. 

Oh well. Ho-hum.

Singer Whitney Houston is said to have left her fans angry and walking out on her at her Acer Arena concert in Sydney. According to the Daily Telegraph, what had started out as a great show on February 24, turned sour after Houston, 46, returned to the stage following a 13-minute costume change.

Her acoustic set of old favourites unfortunately could not hide the very obvious problems with her voice, with the strain and coughs that punctuated the Brisbane show coming back. By the time she got to the gospel section of the show a steady stream of disappointed, saddened and angry fans started streaming out the doors. “Some of it’s been beautiful and some it is just horrible,” News.com.au

– She should prepare better for the show! People are paying to see her perform!


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