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So, how to make some kaftans you say? Take a good look at these batik kaftans here below…

Authentic Hand Drawn Batik Kaftans Caftans Dress beach top tunic

Authentic Hand Drawn Batik Kaftans Caftans Dress beach top tunic

Authentic Hand Drawn Batik Kaftans Caftans Dress beach top tunic

Authentic Hand Drawn Batik Kaftans here.

How to make kaftans? You don’t. Why the trouble when you can buy it at bargain price with free shipping?

But if you really want to take the trouble making it, click here for ehow.com.

This is not a new idea. Several years ago, as I discarded my dreams of being a programmer to become an online entrepreneur, several people wanted to band together and form an IT board and I was offered to join them. The intention, aside from obviously making money, was good. It was to protect and validate the IT profession as how engineers, lawyers and doctors have their own board thingies.

However, none of us ever envisioned something like that to be used as a means of control or in this case, comfort.

I will post updates on this issue as soon as I find any. I currently do not know when the bill is going to be tabled or if it has been tabled already. I mean the electricity bill.


Kaftans tops and dresses are great for summer as they allow you to have nothing underneath and you can sway back and forth in the heat without any problems perspirating. Some statement that was, innit?

You can find kaftan tops here.

Meanwhile, anyone having breakfast? I mean a good one. Any chance of getting free promo food? No.

Walk past meeting room. Say good mornings. Walk to my desk.

Walk to people who came earlier. Establish what time I came.

Log in. Sit down. Log in again because mis-typed password out of daily habit. Check emails…. again. Check Facebook. Check Twitter. Subliminal list one more time. Boss around? If present, go to boss. If not, go to my big breakfast.

At San Palermo cafe. Scan. Try to match people’s faces. See the connections. Patterns on kaftans. Some people only have a set of five ensembles. Some, a bit more. Today, wearing a newer piece of clothing? Yes? No? Not sure?

Colour choice. Mostly white/light colour – probably no period today.

Night make-up, at 9am. Why?

Guys with shirts tucked in. Where do they work? Guys, shirt tucked out. Face seem oily. Must be journalists from night shift. Other table. Hair slicked back. Too much oil/gel/wax. Keys. Alfa Romeo keychain. On table. Insecure? Must be Italian to be sexy I guess.


Really, you could be reaching here when you typed the question in Google. But I’ll give you a shortcut to the ways of the kaftans. But first….


The world is really just made of paper. Imaginary lines, scribbles on pictures are all that determine our right to be where, as well as our time and everything else.

You wanna know why the media is so powerful? Because the media can remix reality, reshape the world you live in. It influences what is thought, what is talked about and eventually what gets onto paper – your pay, your worth, your freedom.

The power lies not with the media, but between those who are at either ends of it. Media is simply a collection of mediums for communication. And at the end of the day, it is this communication, this information flow, that holds all authority, all power.

It is this communication that defines communities and societies. They can take away everything else, but as long as they do not control what we communicate and how we do it, we are, in this last inch, free.

Anyway you still have a life, why not live it.

Where to buy kaftans online? You know where.


The Prime Minister said his present included ”beautiful photographs” of the island, where the Prince is based as an RAF search and rescue helicopter pilot.

In an interview with US journalist Katie Couric on the CBS Evening News, Mr Cameron said he thought the couple had ”probably got everything”.

Explaining his choice of gift, he said: ”He’s currently serving in Anglesey, which is a small island off the coast of Wales where he does search and rescue, flies a helicopter – very brave.

”And I’ve got him a present to do with Anglesey.”

He added: ”It’s a lovely book and beautiful photographs and things like that.”

– I would like to send a kaftan gift to Kate. Is the address Buckingham Palace?


Looking swanky in a dazzling blue kaftan. Elizabeth, we salute you.Even without the kaftans you’re a great actor. To the very end.

My neck is killing me. I popped some painkillers. My collection is now pathetic. I only have a few left, but it’ll do.

The plan is to go radio silence for a week, as I create more stuff for myself. But I guess all my plans come to naught. They always turn out better. Hahaha. I’ve always been lucky.

Work is okay. Things are settling into a routine before another wave comes. My other projects are at the waiting stage. This is a good time for a breather, really.

I know that I can always trust my instincts.

I can be wrong, but my instincts have always served me well. Patience. Wait for the moment.

Wait for it.


And then BAM! What now ?!

Oh well. Ugh!


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