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Kaftans tops and dresses are great for summer as they allow you to have nothing underneath and you can sway back and forth in the heat without any problems perspirating. Some statement that was, innit?

You can find kaftan tops here.

Meanwhile, anyone having breakfast? I mean a good one. Any chance of getting free promo food? No.

Walk past meeting room. Say good mornings. Walk to my desk.

Walk to people who came earlier. Establish what time I came.

Log in. Sit down. Log in again because mis-typed password out of daily habit. Check emails…. again. Check Facebook. Check Twitter. Subliminal list one more time. Boss around? If present, go to boss. If not, go to my big breakfast.

At San Palermo cafe. Scan. Try to match people’s faces. See the connections. Patterns on kaftans. Some people only have a set of five ensembles. Some, a bit more. Today, wearing a newer piece of clothing? Yes? No? Not sure?

Colour choice. Mostly white/light colour – probably no period today.

Night make-up, at 9am. Why?

Guys with shirts tucked in. Where do they work? Guys, shirt tucked out. Face seem oily. Must be journalists from night shift. Other table. Hair slicked back. Too much oil/gel/wax. Keys. Alfa Romeo keychain. On table. Insecure? Must be Italian to be sexy I guess.


The 10-shot espresso is a 20-ounce beverage being sold at The Pulp & The Bean. It is being billed as “coffee porn in a cup.”

The owner of The Pulp & The Bean, Tony Fisher, found out today that a 10 shot espresso cup of coffee has never been done before. Fisher was shocked; he said “It just dawned on me that people really love espresso, so why not just give them a cup full of espresso?”

He called it “one giant cup of jet fuel” and “20 ounces of thunder.” This is one highly caffeinated drink!

UPI asked a Doctor about the drink, “Dr. Jacob Shani, chief of cardiology at Maimonides Medical Center, urged caution in consuming high-caffeine beverages.

– Ok firstly, I hope the coffee beans are fresh. Not some old stale beans leftovers to be pushed to unsuspecting customers. You know, with the rising coffee price these days…

– Second, the creama should be at the right time duration, not luggish press or express brew.

– Thirdly, I hope nobody gets a heart attack after the third mug.

– And if there’s hope, put in some milk for macchiatoooooooo..





Fall Seasonal Latte Recipe


Just found this recipe on the internet and decided to share this recipe. I haven’t tried it yet but from the looks of it, boy…I’m soo gonna enjoy this. Welcome cold nights!

I hope you’ll enjoy this too.


A tasty sip for the cold cruel nights you can make at home.

3 cups of milk
3 Tbsp. Starbucks Gingerbread syrup or your fav syrup
Two shots of starbucks Espresso Pods
Pinch of Ground Nutmeg

To make Gingerbread Latte:

  1. Steam milk with Starbucks Barista Athena or your favourite barista / steamer.
  2. Place Gingerbread Syrup in preheated coffee mug.
  3. Brew single shot of espresso, using pre-measured Starbucks Espresso Pod, and pour immediately.
  4. Top with steamed milk and foam.
  5. Garnish foam with a light dusting of nutmeg, crushed gingerbread cookies or a light touch of cinnamon sugar.

Decorative items: Gumdrops, Life Savers, Smarties, jujubes, licorice all sorts and mini-Shredded Wheat squares (for roofing) make excellent house decorations. There are plenty more possibilities — go wild and have fun!


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