Kaftans dress and tunic tops for women, for sale online

About Kaftansale.com Kaftans

Kaftansale.com is proud to offer a wide range of rare, exotic, high quality kaftans. Admire our collection and most probably you’ll end up owning them as well!

Our catalogue can be found at http://www.kaftansale.com

The quality of our garments sets us apart from the competition. We use high quality fabric and dye in our unmatched collection. While this quality is more expensive, we believe in providing our customers with a quality product. Our commitment to personal attention, customer loyalty, and satisfaction is what drives us to provide our customers with a higher level of quality and value.

We accept Paypal and credit cards via Paypal. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.

See you in your kaftans!


6 Responses to "About Kaftansale.com Kaftans"

Are all your kaftans made of cotton please? How large are they? Thanks for reply asap. Carol Margereson

Most of my kaftans are made of fuji Rayons. They are one size garments and can fit to size 32 UK depending on the side sew. You can visit http://www.kaftansale.com/catalog for more choices. Best part is I offer free shipping worldwide. Cheers!


my name is lucy from austrlia i am interested in purchasing the following items:
1)kaftans tunic tops. gypsy boho cofan
2)tropical anftan tunic tops for sale
3)kaftans tunic tops latest addition
4)pius size womens kaftans dress ciofhes caftans kimonos

can you please send me a price list as soon as possible

thank you

I LOVE these. Please advise of your location, estimated delivery times, and prices.


what is ur pease prize .
please send pease rate

Kindly go to http://www.kaftansale.com to get rates.


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