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Poncho kaftan tops in the 200+ pieces are up for sale.

Happy shopping for holidays!


In the looooooong process of putting these 200+ tunics up.

With fringes and all.

My fingers…oooh..oh oh…my fingers.

I hope it’s worth it.


This idea will never be approved, at least for another 65 million years, but I think TV people should do private TV shows.

No, not shows that try to keep people away from watching TV. TV is great.

I’m talking that since normal TV is engineered and slaved-over to make it entertaining, private TV will be designed NOT to entertain.


An 8-episode series of nothing (half an hour each). Absolutely nothing.

First episode:

A man sitting in front of the camera, doing almost nothing.  Period.

Second episode:

The man breaks the set. Commercial break. The man cleans up the destroyed set. Fade.

Third episode:

The man takes a lightsaber from Toys R Us and tries to battle with various people who look like characters from Indiana Jones. Poof!

Fourth episode:

The man rides a scooter. The face would be stoned. Vroooooom!

Fifth episode:

The man plays various video clips on his computer.

Sixth episode:

The man writes something.

Seventh episode:

The man imitates the clips on his computer.

Eighth episode:

The man records whatever he’s doing for a reality show and stuff like that.

This show would highlight the pains it takes to produce a proper programme – a laborious process.

Really, this idea shouldn’t took off.

I read it in the news today that a pilot was hit by a stroke in mid flight. So technically we have a blind man flying.

Aces to him as he was able to land safely.

Just got me thinking…what next? A…..

Nevermind, just get busy.

Just want to share some interesting news I found.

The new president is already busy with things, apparently.

Newswire – Sources said that Mrs Arroyo decided to call Obama to personally congratulate him for his victory after US ambassador to the Philippines Kristie Kenney went to Malacañang at around 2 p.m. on Wednesday to officially inform her of Obama’s victory.

“Nilagay doon sinabi pakisabi na lang diyan that President Arroyo of the Philippines would wish to speak with President-elect Obama…Siyempre ang oras 2 a.m., pagod pa sa kampanya, yung mga iyon. So we just registered the fact in their operations center in the White House (and) in the State Department that President Arroyo put in a call,” Ermita said.

Ermita further said that the President also called Obama’s opponent, Senator John McCain, to congratulate him. But likewise, she has failed to reach McCain.

Me: This has nothing to do with me! I’m just sharing this!

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